Specialized Leisure and Recreation Programming
The mission of the program is to develop or increase independence, play and executive functioning skills (problem solving, organization, etc…). ALL activities are orchestrated with that in mind.
Down time can be particularly challenging for some kids with autism when the ambiguous skill of ‘keeping busy’ ‘hanging/chilling’ out has not been explicitly taught. The center will offer structured downtime for kids with an over-arching goal of gradual release. Staff will move through a continuum of support that begins with explicit instruction (activity schedules, reinforcement programs for time on task, etc…) and move to guided participation, facilitation, supervision and an ultimate expectation that the child will learn the routines and schedule and move through them independently.
Because this is a program geared specifically toward individuals with autism, leisure repertoires will be based off of the child’s interest and the environment will be engineered to promote engagement. This is NOT an environment where engagement in a specific activity will be adult-determined or forced. Each individuals’ interest will be cultivated and expanded upon through exposure, enrichment, choices and reinforcement.

“I know of nobody who is purely autistic or purely neurotypical. Even God had some autistic moments, which is why the planets all spin,”

-Jerry Newport, Your Life is Not a Label